Pet Evolution – Being a good pet parent!

When we look back at the good old days in history, we might think of the cowboy with his horse and dog.  These were both working animals and considered a necessity by the Cowboy.  What would they think of Doggie Day care today? 

We have come a long way and studies have shown the benefits of having a pet on both psychological and physical aspects of our lives.  While the law will still need to catch up, as it still considers pets to be possessions, I think most of us would agree that they are a huge part of our families.  Like our children we take them to see their doctor annually and some of us drop our dogs at doggie day care while we are at work or take them to the dog park for play dates.  We need to start thinking about their next level of safety and care. 

If there were an emergency, we wouldn’t leave our children behind.  Do you have an emergency go bag that includes all the items you need for you and your kids?  What about your pets? 

In 2018 there was a study done by Banfield and published in the USA Today that said 91% of people were not prepared to evacuate with their pets.  So, what would you do if you were not prepared and an emergency or disaster happened?  These are some options you could be faced with.

  • Evacuate and leave your pet behind – (Not a good option – Your pet could perish) This could also put first responders at risk trying to save them.  You might try to get back to them before it’s safe, again putting you and first responders at risk.
  • Stay behind with your pet – (Not a good option – You and your pet could perish) This could also put first responders at risk trying to save you.
  • Evacuate with your pet with little to no supplies for them.  (Best option out of the 3 listed).  But think about this. What if they were injured?  Do you have a pet first aid kit? How about food and water?  Our pets can only survive 3 days without water before they start to shut down.  What if it’s night time when you have to evacuate?  What if you need to board them?  Do you have their shot records?  Do you have their medications? 

As you can see there are so many things to consider when planning for your pet’s safety.  Being a good pet parent is more than picking up after them on a walk and taking them for their annual checkup.  They are depending on us to keep them safe year-round.  

Pet Evac Pak is leading the way by educating helping you take your pets safety and care to the next level.  We not only have a free downloadable e-Book on our home page that can walk you through how to make a plan and what to put in your pets go-bag, but we can supply you with convenient pre-packaged pet emergency kits for dogs and cats. 

I know you think this will never happen to me?  Maybe not, but it’s better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not have it. 

Make a plan today to keep them safe tomorrow. They are counting on us!

Team Pet Evac Pak

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