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scared cat, evacuate with cat

Hurricane’s come with some warning but experts agree when you have pets you should leave at the first signs there is danger coming. If you live anywhere where hurricanes are a threat you know that the roads can get congested with traffic, with everyone trying to evacuate and you don’t want to be stuck in your car with a stressed-out cat.

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Welcome to Pet Evac Pak!!

Pet Evac Pak Emergency Packs and Kits

We started Pet Evac Pak because 91% of pet owners are not prepared for the next natural disaster (USA Today, 6/1/18). We want to provide pet owners with an emergency evacuation kit specifically designed for pets. Other kits are spin-offs of people kits, containing people products, or are packaged in buckets and briefcases. Our kits are focused on the pets, what they need and what their owner needs to take care of them.