Pet Evac Ultimate Cat Pak with Carrier


For cats up to 16 lbs., the Pet Evac Ultimate Cat Pak is your cat’s home away from home. Starting with the airline-approved Prefer Pet PREMIUM Hideaway carrier that can either be used as a backpack or shoulder style duffel bag, making it easy to get out quickly. The cinch bag included contains everything you need to keep your cat safe for up to 72 hours should you need to evacuate from any disaster such as earthquake, hurricane, flood, or fire. Items are packed in the cinch bag so you can just remove it to place your pet in the carrier. You will have peace of mind that you are ready for any emergency, evacuation, or just travel.

Why Pet Evac Pak – We use pet-specific products like ASAP Pet Shield wound/burn gel, PetFlex adhesive bandage, 12 full sachets of water, Leather Brothers Slip lead so you can get your pet out quickly and safely, ID card for your pet, waterproof pouch for your pet’s documentation and medications. It’s all there and more! Pet Emergency Preparedness is all we do and your pet is our priority!

WEIGHT: 10.5 lbs
DIMENSIONS: 17”L x 12”H x 10”D