Large Dog Pet Evacuation Emergency Survival Pack, 72 hours 5-year shelf life

Big Dog Pet Evac Pak

Emergency survival kit for your dog;  Everything you need to care for them during an emergency or disaster. 

Did you know…

In 1999, Hurricane Floyd caused 2.9 million pet and livestock deaths, and thousands of more owners lost their pets. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was particularly devastating. The Louisiana SPCA estimates that 15,500 animals required rescue and that 80 to 85 percent of these animals were never reunited with their owners.

Cat Emergency Survival kit, Earthquake, Hurricane, Fire

Ultimate Pet Evac Cat Pak

Emergency survival kit for your cat;  Everything you need to care for them during an emergency or disaster. 

Did you know…..

NIFC reported that as of Nov. 27 there were 52,113 wildfires that had burned 8,889,297 acres in 2020. Your pet can go a couple of weeks without food but only 72 hours without water before their system starts to shut down. 

Custom Pack, pet Evacuation Pak,

Custom Kits!

Care for your pets with a customized pack by you, for your pets! Be prepared for any emergency or disaster!

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Emergency Survival Dog kit
Emergency Dog Kit

Dog Kits

Designed for pets!  Pet Evac Paks have everything you need to keep your dog safe for up to 72 hours in the event of an emergency.  Included in every pack is 5-year shelf-life food and water plus a first aid kit created just for pets.  Pet Evac Paks will give you peace of mind that you are ready for any emergency.  Great for travel too!

We have several sizes to choose from: small dog with carrier, a small/medium dog in a backpack, large dog in a backpack and even a 2 dog pack.

Our pets are counting on us!

Emergency Survival cat kit
Emergency Cat Kit

Cat Kits

Customized for cats, all our Pet Evac Cat Paks come with everything you need to keep your cat safe for up to 72 hours should you need to evacuate.  Our cat kits come with a nylon collapsible/reusable litter box, litter and scoop, along with cat food and cat toys plus so much more. 

Choose from a pack with Preferred Pet’s backpack carrier or, for those who already have a dedicated carrier, choose between a backpack or cinch bag that comes with all of your cat’s emergency supplies.

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Custom Build your own pet survival kit
Build your own kit

Build Your
Own Kits

For those of who have multiple pets or businesses that have multiple animals and need to get prepared, you can build your own custom kit. 

Pick from with a 30″ or 36″ roller bag. We will provide you with guidelines, based on weight, for how much food and water you might need for your pets.  Then you can add first aid supplies and accessories to round out your emergency pet needs. Need help? E-mail us at

The ultimate Emergency Pet survival pack!

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Did you know…

As Hurricane Harvey made landfall twice and dumped nearly 52 inches of rain.  Pets were being surrender to shelters and being rescued from flood waters.  Because shelters were full cats and dogs were either euthanized or shipped out. They were sent to Chicago and Connecticut.  Some got a lift via Southwest Airlines to San Diego.

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