Dog Emergency Harness Backpack Large


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Saddlebags for dogs, this harness backpack is specially designed to help your furry friend carry all their essentials during an evacuation or just hiking or camping. With this backpack, your dog can help share the load and make the evacuation process a breeze.   The Large Harness Backpack weighs 6.7 pounds fully loaded and has enough supplies for a dog up to 70 pounds for 72 hours.

Note: It’s not recommended for a healthy dog to carry more than 25% of their body weight.




  • Harness Backpack
  • 34 oz collapsible travel bowl
  • Water 10 pouches – 4.225 oz, 5-year shelf life
  • Dog Food – 2, 8 oz bags Mayday ration, 5-year shelf life
  • First Aid Kit includes zipper pouch with plastic hook, 2- 5 gram packets of Pet Vet antibacterial wound & burn dressing, PetFlex® stretch bandage pawprint, Mylar Blanket 84 x 52, 2 oz. Hydrogen Peroxide spray, 4” x 5” instant cold pack, 5 pack of cotton swabs. Tweezers. 2- 2” x 3” sterile wound pads, 4- alcohol cleansing wipes
  • Clip-on Led Light
  • Slip Lead 4′
  • First Aid Brochure
  • Roll waste disposal bags

Additional information

Weight 103 oz
Dimensions 10.5 × 6.5 × 5 in
Pet Size

Dogs up to 70 pounds

1 review for Dog Emergency Harness Backpack Large

  1. D Leukhardt

    Love how this pack has the essentials and is not too heavy for my dog to carry. My lab loves having a job to do so this is perfect for him and makes it easier on me.

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