The leaves are changing, and Fall is here!  Here are just a few ideas to help keep your pets safe this season.

Nights are getting colder.  Time to bring your pets in at night or make sure there is adequate shelter, so they can get out of the bad weather and stay warm.  This is especially important for short-haired dogs and seniors.

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Halloween is a fun time for family and friends, but it can be a dangerous and scary time for your pets. Make sure the chocolate and candy bowls are out of reach, as this can become a life-threatening situation. If they get into the candy take them to a veterinarian immediately. While we might think those Trick-or-Treaters, all dressed up in their costumes, can be spooky and adorable, your dog may have a different opinion and feel scared or threatened. Make sure you have a safe place for them and take all the necessary precautions if you think they may get upset.

Candles show off those awesome pumpkin carvings and can make the house smell great during the holidays.  Keep them out of reach of your pets to they don’t get knocked over. Don’t forget about that tail-wagging range!

Holiday plants like poinsettias, chrysanthemums, holly, and mistletoe are beautiful, but can be poisonous and deadly for pets.  Keep a secure fence around compost piles which can also be hazardous.  Antifreeze for your car contains a chemical called ethylene glycol which, to your pet, is a sweet treat, but also can become deadly.  Make sure it’s disposed of properly. If you see any signs that your pet has ingested any poisonous products, please consult your veterinarian immediately.

Those yummy Thanksgiving foods can be way too high in fat for your pets, putting them at risk for developing pancreatitis.  Bones are never a good idea to give your pets as they can splinter and cause gastrointestinal damage.  It’s like swallowing a knife. No matter how much they stare at you with those puppy dog or kitty eyes, the risk is not worth it.

We hope you have a wonderful, happy, and safe Holiday Season.

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