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Traveling with Pets this Holiday?

Many of us travel with our pets during the holidays.  Here are some tips to help you maneuver through those holiday travel challenges.

When traveling by car, it’s always good to be prepared for any changes in winter driving conditions.  Along with supplies for yourself, make sure you bring a go-bag, like the Pet Evac Pak, for your pet too.  Our kits are packed with great items to help you keep your pet safe wherever you go. The most important items are water and food.  Any kit you carry should include things like a pet-friendly first aid kit in case of minor cuts, abrasions, or burns. Collapsible bowls are a must for keeping your pet hydrated on the go and at your destination.  Particularly useful if you get wet or stuck in cold weather is a mylar blanket which helps hold in 90% of body heat. Remember to bring your pet’s shot records and any medications in a waterproof pouch. It’s never a bad idea to bring something like a rope toy along to help keep your pet occupied.  And don’t forget the poopy bags! You never know how important they are until you don’t have one! To help you find some pet-friendly hotels along your route, check out

Pet Evac Pak Travel Kits for Pets

Traveling by air?  Our small dog and cat packs with airline approved carrier can be the perfect accessory!  Check your airlines for additional restrictions and/or fees. As you know, you can’t carry water through security, but having those collapsible bowls in your bag makes it easy to get water for your pet any time.  Click for a list of’s top 10 pet-friendly US airports.  

Safe travels and happy holidays from all of us at Pet Evac Pak!

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