This past year we have learned about panic buying.  During the pandemic we thought we needed a year’s supply of toilet paper, paper towels and meat.  Now we are seeing cyber-attacks on oil and meat so we are seeing lines at the pumps and a meat shortage again.

June is officially National Pet Preparedness Month!  No more excuses like I’ll do it tomorrow or it will never happen to me…..  Whether you believe in climate change or cyclical weather patterns our weather patterns have shifted.  They are predicting the 6th year in a row with an above average hurricane season, fire season out west has turned into a 365-day event with another year of drought.  Let’s make this year the year of action!  Now is the time to panic buy……to keep your pets safe!

After Hurricane Rosa a couple years ago, I was in Mexico with my dog Marshall and had to be evacuated while on vacation.  I was sure glad I had my Pet Evac Pak with me.  Sitting in a make shift shelter the bowls, water, slip lead and first aid kit were handy to have. I also like the fact that I could add my dogs bed roll to the backpack to customize it for him.

Our pets are counting on us to keep them safe.  A survey done in 2018 showed that 91% of people are not prepared to evacuate with their pets.  Pet Evac Pak was formed after Hurricane Harvey and seeing all the pets that had been left behind.  We saw first hand people frantic to find their pets or trying to get back in before it was safe to see if their pets were still alive.  We saw the same panic during and after the Campfire in California.  Lines of people outside the make shift shelter at the old Oroville hospital hoping that someone had rescued their pets.  Unfortunately, thousands of pets perished because their owners didn’t have a plan and couldn’t get home to save them.

Pet Evac Pak is here to help you with your plan, we can do this together.  First, we have a free downloadable eBook on the front page of our website.  It will take you step by step to help you make a plan and what to put in your pets go bag.  If you don’t have time to build a go bag, make sure you check out all our options for dogs and cats.  All our Pet Evac Pak’s were designed and built with your pet in mind, they are convenient and cost effective.  If you take the cost of, say the Big Dog Pak at $80 and divide that out over the 5-year shelf life that’s only $16 per year.  It’s about a 25 to 30% savings if all the items were purchased separately. 

Do it for your pets and your peace of mind.


  1. Misti borders June 6, 2021 at 10:19 am - Reply

    It’s scary for the person during a crisis of any kind for your thinking of yourself, your loved ones or maybe even your home & situation. I love how this product allows the person to not have to waste time in how to care for their pet during the crisis by providing the tools to make it easier. I’ve been in situation where u didn’t know when you can get to food or water & most shelters are not prepared for pets so having what u need for them is awesome. Great product .

    • Team Pet Evac Pak June 6, 2021 at 11:47 am - Reply

      Thanks Misti for the great feedback! Our goal is to help you be ready to save your pet when disaster strikes.

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