In honor of National Pet Preparedness Month! let’s take proactive steps to protect our cherished pets in the event of a disaster. It’s crucial to act now by creating a well-thought-out emergency plan that includes provisions for our furry companions. Stay informed and prepare an evacuation kit for your pets, ensuring they have enough supplies to last at least 72 hours. Your pet’s kit should include food and water, bowls, a collar and leash or slip lead, identification, basic first aid supplies labelled for pets, 5 days’ worth of medications, shot records, a night light, and a blanket. Additionally, your pet will need a crate or carrier, toys, and treats.

Evacuating with dog
Family Evacuation with pet

Why 72 hours?

Most Government agencies like FEMA recommend having a minimum of 72-hour emergency supplies for your pets. This recommendation is based on practical reasons; shelters may take up to 72 hours to set up after a disaster, and typically, you may be able to return home within this timeframe after evacuation.

Sheltering with pets;

It’s important to note that if you have to go to a Red Cross shelter, they primarily cater to people and may not have supplies for our pets. It’s crucial to plan ahead for our furry family members. During disasters, store shelves empty quickly due to high demand in the community. No one can plan for your pet like you can.

Pet Emergency Kit - Big Dog
Pet Emergency Kit – Big Dog

At Pet Evac Pak, we understand the significance of ensuring your pet’s well-being during emergencies. Our premium evacuation kits cater to various pet needs and offer comprehensive solutions for different scenarios. Prepare and protect your beloved pets with Pet Evac Pak’s customized emergency evacuation kits today.


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