Here are some simple tips to help you get prepared! What if?

I know most of us think it will never happen to me, or I will think about it tomorrow when I have more time or money.  But let’s play the what if game:  What if an emergency happens today and you’re not able to save your pet because you weren’t prepared?  What if you had to leave your pet behind? What if you weren’t home when an emergency happened?  How would you feel knowing there was something that you could have done to help save them?

This month we want to focus on a few scenarios and have some easy simple solutions to help you get prepared.  We want you and your pets to not only be safe, but be prepared.

Scenario #1 – You’re out shopping and you have left your pet at home.  Maybe you left the dryer running or there was an electrical spark and your house caught on fire.  Would the first responders or firefighters know you have pets inside?

              Solution – Add a “Save our Pets” window decal to the front and back windows of your home to let them know you have pets inside.

Scenario #2 – You’re at work and a natural disaster like a fire breaks out in your neighborhood with 60 mile an hour winds.  The roads are closed and you can’t get home.

              Solution – Make a plan with a trusted neighbor or close friend to go by and get your pets and their go-bags, in the event you can’t get home.  Make sure you have a meet up place pre-planned.  If you don’t have a neighbor, have the local animal control number stored in your phone.  Contact them and, if they are in the area, they will go by and collect your pets.  Again, a window decal can help first responders identify that you have pets inside.

Scenario #3 – You’re in a car accident and have been taken to the hospital with major injuries.

              Solution – I don’t know about you but this one keeps me awake at night.  Simple – have a wallet ID card with a key chain identifier.  First responders can contact the person you have identified on the back of your wallet ID card so they can go by and take care of your pets.

Scenario #4 – You want to start making a plan but don’t know where to start. 

Solution – Check out our resource page. We have the American Red Cross and FEMA websites listed, or better yet download our free e-Book found on the home page, that has a checklist of what to do and what you need to pack for your pets. 

Scenario #5 – You can’t get home but first responders get your pets out of your house and take them to a shelter. How will you identify them?

Solution – Make sure your pets are micro-chipped and your contact information has been updated. Next, make sure you have a selfie with your pet. We recommend printing it and storing in the glove box of your car with their shot records. Sometimes during disasters cell towers can be knocked out and your cell phone might not be working.

These are just a few scenarios we have seen too often and can easily be rectified by doing a little planning now.

If you have multiple pets and need to make a custom kit, make sure to checkout our Custom Build Your Own Kit page where we will walk you through what you might need for your pack.

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