Earlier this month in our March Newsletter we compared the top 4 Dog to-go bags for emergencies.  After all the responses we received, we wanted to give this a deeper dive into the good the bad and the ugly for each of these options.

First, this comparison was for the larger dogs in the 30 to 70 lb. range.  We compared Pet Evac Pak’s Big Dog Pak, READYWISE Dog Survival Kit, Ready America Large Dog Evacuation & emergency Saddle Bag, and ER Quake Dog Emergency Kit,  We have done the research and here is what we found.

Before we get to the deep dive with these kits let’s first talk about the 2 types of pet emergency preparedness.  First, there is the type where you need to bug out and sometimes quickly with little or no warning, these could include fires, floods, mudslides, hurricanes, tsunamis and volcanoes etc.  Type two would be where you need to stay in place and bug in!  These might include tornadoes, earthquakes, snow and ice storms. 

When you start putting your pet’s emergency evacuation kit together, it’s important to think about the types of disasters that you might face in your area.  If you live in tornado alley a bucket in your basement might work fine but if you have to bug out in a hurry, make sure you think about what else you might need to take with you.  A backpack is a good option for keeping your hands free for managing your kids and pets.

Let’s dive into each of these dog emergency kit options.

Large Dog Pet Evacuation Emergency Survival Pack, 72 hours 5-year shelf life
Pet Evac Big Dog Pak 5- year shelf life

Pet Evac Pak’s Big Dog Pak Cost $89.99 – Carrier – This comes in a sturdy backpack with lots of pockets, Consumables – enough 5-year shelf-life food and water to keep a 70lb dog safe for up to 72 hours. Safety Accessories – We love the ½” 6’ slip lead so if you need to get out quickly you can grab your pet and escape.  2 – XL collapsible water/food bowls, Clip-on LED light if you have to evacuate at night, an 8×10 Jax&Cali paw and body wipe if you need to evacuate through ash or mud.  This is the only pack that has a waterproof pouch to store your pet’s documentation and medication.  First aid supplies – This pack comes with a pet friendly first aid kit, the kit is designed and products are labelled for pets.

Ready America Large Dog Evacuation & emergency Saddle Bag Cost $74.99 Carrier – Saddle bags, this is a great option if you have to evacuate on foot.  Remember that your pet should never carry more than 25% of its body weight.  Not a good option if you need to evacuate to a shelter. Consumables – It does come with 9 bags of 5- year shelf-life emergency drinking water and 3 bags of dog food.  The general rule thumb is ½ to 1 oz of water per pound of bodyweight, per day.  The Milk-Bone treat is only good for 1 year to 18 months and not a necessity. Safety Accessories this option only has 1 collapsible bowl. First aid supplies – This pack is light on first aid supplies, the antibiotic ointment is not labelled for pets and could make them sick.

READYWISE Dog Survival Kit, Cost $89.99 – Carrier – Comes in a sturdy backpack with multiple pockets, Consumables – only has 1 bag of 5-year shelf-life food (only enough for a 22 LB dog for 72 hours), not enough water, only 6 bags and 10 water purification tablets.  If there is no water there is nothing to purify. Safety Accessories – It comes with a small hard plastic pet bowl that’s not collapsible.   It also comes with a tie-out stake and 50 feet of nylon rope.  We also don’t like the collar and leash option they provide.  If you have to get out quickly a one size fits all slip lead is a better way to go.  First aid supplies – the Deluxe first aid kit that they have included is from their people packs.  Nothing inside of it is labelled for pets. 

Deluxe ER Quake Dog Survival Kit, Cost $70.00 – Carrier – comes in a sturdy backpack with lots of pockets  Consumables – Similar to the READYWISE, only enough supplies to keep a 22lb dog safe for up to 72 hours. Safety Accessories – no canned pet food but they include a can opener, again the collar and leash options are not the best if you need to evacuate quickly. Tie out leash and stake are not applicable if you have to go to a shelter and in some states it’s illegal to chain or tie out your pet. First aid supplies – first aid supplies are not labelled for pets and are basic.

Summary, while we didn’t list every item in each pack they all come with waist disposal bags, mylar blankets etc. and while we might be biased, the Pet Evac Pak Big Dog Pak is by far hands down is the most complete dog emergency go bag designed for dogs.  Everything in the Pet Evac Pak has a purpose and that’s to keep your dog safe whether you need to bug in our bug out in any emergency.

For those of us with multiples pets, Pet Evac Pak offers customization on their build your own kit page. Even if you are assembling your own kit this page gives you insight as to what you should pack.

Prepare today to keep your pet safe tomorrow.

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