Have you ever had to evacuate? If not you might not realize the panic that can set in. Don’t let this be your excuse…  This will never happen to me or I will do it tomorrow, could be you don’t have the money right now?  Well, let’s talk about why you should make a plan and have a go-bag ready for your pets.

Family Pet
Family Pet

Our pets are part of our family and just like your kids you wouldn’t want to leave our fur babies behind if there were an emergency or disaster.  The number one reason to make a plan and have a pet go-bag ready is to save your pet’s lifeIf you leave your pet behind the worst can happen and they could be lost or worse.  We have seen people stay behind during a disaster because they were not prepared, and didn’t want to leave their pets.  This puts not only your pets in danger but it puts you and the first responders in danger if they have to come to rescue you! 

We always say better to have a plan and go-bag ready and not need it than to need it and not have it.  This brings us to time or saving time.  There is no better time than the present to be prepared.  Our planet is evolving and changing.  Fires are creating their own storms, and Hurricanes and Tornadoes have become increasingly fierce.  Time to get our heads out of the sand and be ready.  If someone knocked on your door today and said you needed to evacuate that is not the time to think about what to take with you. Being prepared will also help you save critical time if you need to get out fast!

When we acquire our pet, it should be for the life of the pet.  With the cost of everything going up including their food, and toys not to mention their trips to the VET, it’s a challenging time.  But the truth is if you don’t have your emergency supplies on hand when disaster strikes you might not be able to get them when you need them the most.  Everyone will want the same supplies at the same time.  Remember the toilet paper shortage when the pandemic hit?  Shelves were empty, the supply chain was a nightmare.  FEMA recommends having a minimum of 72 hours of supplies for you and your pets should disaster strike. If you do have to go to a Red Cross shelter they will not have any supplies for your pets. Their focus will be on saving human life.

Last but not least once you make your plan and have your go-bags ready it will give you peace of mind that you have done everything in your power to keep you and your fur baby safe.   Once this step is complete make sure you practice your evacuation plan with your family and your pets.

For more information on what to put in your pet’s go-bag check out our Blog HOW TO BUILD A PET EMERGENCY KIT

This is about educating and learning about our options. Making a plan and having a go-bag is relatively easy and cost effective. Our Big Dog Pak for example the cost is $89.99 and with a shelf life of 5 years that comes to 18.00 per year. Another option is to build a custom pack if you have multiple pets. Our Build Your Own Kit page allows you to customize your kit by choosing the options you might need for your pets and only purchase those items.

Be Safe – Be Prepared – Our pets are counting on us.

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