Wow, another year has passed.  September is National Preparedness Month.  What are you waiting for?  My mom – A girl scout leader always told me better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not be prepared. 

What does value look like to you?  With the rising cost of everything right now we wanted to share what we think is a great value!

Large Dog Pet Evacuation Emergency Survival Pack, 72 hours 5-year shelf life
Pet Evac Big Dog Pak 5- year shelf life

This month we break down the cost for you in the Pet Evac Big Dog Pak to show you the value.  And when you look at the total cost of $89.99 over the 5-year shelf-life it’s less than $18 per year to know you are ready to go and can keep your pet safe for the next 5 years.

Before we get to the cost, there are several things to consider when putting your pet’s emergency kit together.  First look at the emergencies in your area.  If you are worried about fire or flooding you might need to evacuate quickly so having your hands free might be important to manage your kids and pets. Start with a backpack.  Next, always ensure the products you put in your kit are safe for pets.  Review the first aid kits.  Most do not say their ointments are safe for pets and they might use ace bandages and not vet tape.  Make sure you have a way to store their medications and documentation in a dry secure place.  If you’re planning on using your pet’s food and water that you are rotating based on the date on the package or bottle.  If the food package has been opened, it can start to go bad quickly.  Usually within 2 to 3 weeks. 

Then there is the time.  How much time do you have to put all this together?  Look at the freight cost.  Some items might be free or you might need to meet a minimum to receive the free freight.

Now let’s break the cost down.  Start with a container to store your pet’s supplies in.  We started with a nice sturdy backpack that is labelled “Pet Evac Pak”.  It has lots of pockets and storage and will keep your hands free for whatever else you might need to bug out with.

Next, let’s compare the water.  Our Mayday Emergency drinking water has a 5-year shelf-life.  If you go to Costco and buy bottled water it only has a 1-year shelf life.  You will need to rotate it out every year.  Let’s do a little math.  12 bags of Mayday Emergency drinking water 4.225 oz = 50 oz of water (cost 9.49) purchased separately.  You save about 33% when purchased in the kit. The cost would be 6.36 for the same 12 bags.  Bottled water 16.9 oz x 3 bottles = 50 oz of water.  Each bottle cost .25 x 3 x 5 (years) = $3.75 so you could save a little bit of money here, but you need to remember to rotate it out each year.  The plastic will start to deteriorate so you never want to drink the water or give it to your pet after the expiration date.

Now do the math with your pet’s food.  The Mayday Dog Food ration has a 5-year shelf life – A 70 lb. dog will need approximately 24 dry oz of dog food for 3 days.  3-Mayday Dog food (8 dry oz each) sold separately for $20.97 in the kit would be $14.05.  Again, remember to calculate how many times you will need to rotate it. If you have an active pet they might need a little more food.

Take a look at the chart we put together for you.  You might be able to find some of these items less expensive or you might already have some of them.  Just make sure you have a dedicated ready-to-go pet emergency kit for your pet.  Also make sure you check out our Custom Kit page if you have multiple pets and want to build your own go-bag for your furry family. Once you have your pack together make sure to practice your evacuation plan with your pet!

Overall you will save about 33% by purchasing a pre-made Pet Evac Pak not to mention the time. Oh yeah, and the freight is free within the continental US.

Happy Trails – Remember don’t wait for disaster to strike. Prepare today to keep your pet safe tomorrow.

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