As I sit here writing the BLOG today, I have to wonder why most people don’t have an emergency plan.  We are just now seeing the devastation from Hurricane Ian in Florida with both people and pets being rescued and it’s now making its way up to the Carolina coast.  What are you waiting for?

I understand we can’t always predict exactly where these weather events will land or how much rain they might produce and where the flooding could take place, but if you have to shelter in place for whatever reason until help can reach you, you should be prepared to survive for at, least few days.  This plan should also include your pets. 

There is so much more to it than you might think in planning for your pets whether you need to bug in or bug out and we are here to help you navigate what your pet might need in any emergency. 

Pet Evac Pak has designed a custom page to help you through building your pet’s emergency go-bag.  We will walk you through each category.  There are notes on each page that help you determine how much or how many you might need.  If you already have that item, you can skip it and go to the next category.  In the end, you don’t have to buy anything or you can buy what you need.

Note: if you only have one or two pets it could be less expensive to purchase one of our complete premade packs.

Let’s think of this like we are buying a cool custom car.  You know we have all done it, you go onto the website and pick out the style, then the color and add all the cool options we want like custom rims or a GPS system.  Building a custom emergency kit for your pets once you have all the information can be just as easy.

Dog on scale

Here is what you will need to get started – Your pet’s approximate weights.  Yep, that’s it.  Then when you get done adding your pet’s must-haves add their favorite toys, a copy of their shot records and 5 days’ worth of their medication. For bugging out you should also have a crate or carrier for travel and housing.

When you get to the food section, if you are adding your pet’s own food, we would encourage you to only use unopened bags.  Do not repackage.  Once a bag of kibble has been opened it can start to go rancid in two to three weeks.  Check the date code on your bag of food and mark your calendar to rotate it out prior to the expiration date on the bag.  The one nice thing about our Mayday pet food is that it has a 5-year shelf life and comes in 8oz bags for easy storage.

Are you ready to get started?  Once you get to the checkout you will have another option to adjust any quantities, and add or delete items.  There is no pressure on this website.  We are here to help you prepare your pets for any emergency.  And to help you we have extended our 10% discount code BEPREPARED22 until the end of October.  This is for custom packs and does not include any other items that are already on sale.


Remember when building your pack this should be a dedicated go-bag for your pets.  You don’t want to be pulling items out unless you need them and are planning on replacing them.  So, make sure when you add your items, they are extra items like extra bowls or toys.

Safe Travels from all of us at Pet Evac Pak

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