The Importance of Rotating Your Dogs Food

We hear all the time that if I have to evacuate, changing his diet to emergency dog food would make my dog sick.  But what if you have to drop them at a shelter and you didn’t bring their food? They will feed your dog what they have available.  But, you could be correct if you are not regularly rotating your dog’s protein source.  But there are other reasons you should be changing up their diet regularly.

Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to eat the same diet day after day.  All meats have different amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.  For example, Chicken has a different composition than say duck or beef.  If we just look at protein a skinless cooked chicken breast contains around 43g of protein per 100g of chicken, while the protein content of lean cooked beef is about 26g of protein per 100g of beef making chicken higher in protein compared to beef.  By changing and rotating up your dog’s proteins between 2 or even 3, different varieties your dog will benefit from a much larger range of nutrients.

Better Digestion

By rotating your dog’s proteins, it will also help with their microbiome and you’re exposing their intestinal flora to a larger variety of foods which will help with better digestion and build a stronger immune system.

Avoiding food Allergies and sensitivities

If your dog is eating the same food every day, they are more prone to build up sensitivities and/or food allergies.  It could be to the ingredients, additives or even the way the food is processed.  By rotating your pet’s food every couple of months, you might avoid this problem and have a happy and healthy pet.

If you are rotating your dogs food on a regular basis, emergency dog food will not make them sick and could help save them from being hungry until you can get them back on their regular diet.

Note:  Reminder never to repackage kibble to store in your pet’s emergency kit.  Once a bag has been opened and exposed to the air it can start to go bad within 3 weeks.  You are better off buying a smaller bag and rotating it based on the expiration date found on the bag of food. 

How much food should I put in my pet’s emergency kit you ask? All government agencies recommend a minimum of a 72-hour supply. There is a reason for that 72 hours first you will usually know within that same time period if and when you will be able to return home. It also can take up to 72 hours for shelters to get set up after a disaster.

Emergency Dog Food

Our Mayday Dog Food comes in an 8 oz bag and will feed an average 22-pound dog for 72 hours. So if your dog weighs 50 pounds you would need 3 bags for that same period. We recommend you add emergency dog food to their dedicated emergency kit because during a disaster you may not have time to grab their regular food.

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