June is Pet Preparedness Month. It’s also fire season and the beginning of hurricane season. Now is the time to make your emergency plan, because when disaster strikes it’s too late. Never leave your pet behind in an emergency.

When it comes to the safety and well-being of your beloved pets, preparation is key. Emergencies can happen unexpectedly, so it’s crucial to plan, in advance. Emergency management experts advise having a 72-hour supply at the ready. Make sure to create a comprehensive plan, stay informed, and have a dedicated emergency kit on hand for your furry friends. Your proactive approach can make all the difference in keeping your pets safe during challenging times.

Here are our top 10 items for your pet’s emergency kit.

Pet to go-bag
Pet go-bag


      • Food & Water (minimum 72-hour supply)

      • Bowls, you need one for food and one for water

      • Collar and leash or slip lead we like using a slip lead in your pet’s emergency pack. If you have to get out quickly a slip lead is the perfect tool to grab your pet and get out.

      • Medications – FEMA recommends having a 5-day supply of your pet’s medication in their emergency kit in a waterproof container or pouch.

      • Basic First Aid Supplies – A must-have in any emergency pack. Consider a minimum basic would-care

      • Waste disposal – bags, Cat litterbox, litter and scoop for cats

      • Night light – In case you need to evacuate at night. A clip-on light for your pet could help them to be seen.

      • ID tag – Many of us don’t keep collars on our pets when at home, so consider adding an ID tag to your pack for emergencies.

      • Toys – Your pet’s favorite toy can be a stress release for your pet when they are away from home.

      • Shot records – Having their shot records is a requirement for any boarding facility, should you need to board them during a crisis.

    Other items to consider are crates, grooming supplies, muzzle and a photo of you and your pet for identification.

    If you have been thinking about putting an emergency kit together but haven’t had the time, consider a Pet Evac Pak. They are cost-effective and come with a 5-year shelf life for food and water making it a true grab-and-go pet emergency kit that will last for the next 5 years.


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