The little company with a big passion for pets!

We started Pet Evac Pak because 91% of pet owners are not prepared for the next natural disaster (USA Today, 6/1/18).  We want to provide pet owners with an emergency evacuation kit specifically designed for pets.  Other kits are spin-offs of people kits, containing people products, or are packaged in buckets and briefcases.  Our kits are focused on the pets, what they need, and what their owner needs to take care of them.

Owners, Michelle and Claudia, have been friends for years.  Our dogs, Marshall and Echo, are both therapy dogs and we take them to visit children’s hospitals, the VA hospital, senior homes, and the local airport.

Back in the 80s and 90s, Michelle was evacuated when the Feather River levees broke in CA, so she has had some experience with having to get out quickly and find a place to stay with her dogs and cat.  The cat had to live in a car for 3 days!  Although she was able to walk the cat on a leash, having a scared animal in a car was not easy.

In August of 2017, Michelle and her husband stood in their backyard watching a fire burn around the hill behind the house.  If the fire changed direction, there was only one way out, so they started packing.  What should they take?  Like most people, they were in panic mode.  Fortunately, the fire department got the fire under control and all the homes were saved.

Then in September that same year, Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas.  Animal shelters were full and workers were begging for help.  Working with the Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado, Michelle traveled with Marshall and their friend, Eileen, 2,000 miles to Houston, to deliver a truck and trailer full of desperately needed pet food and supplies to a local shelter.  It was heartbreaking to see all the pets that had been left behind.  They rescued 4 big dogs, brought them home, and found forever families for them all.

Back at home, we wanted to do something to help people prepare so that no pet gets left behind.  Most of us think, “That’ll never happen to me.”  But the truth is, you never know.  And so Pet Evac Pak was born!

We researched, checking out what was already available on the market.  Nothing was complete.  We also spoke to veterinarians, police, fire, first responders, animal rescues, and, most important, people, like Michelle, who had been through an evacuation.  We have included quality products, from the packaged water and pet food with a 5-year shelf life to the slip leads.  Most of our products can be purchased individually as well, in case you want to put your own kit together or add to one you already have.  We really did our homework, keeping the price affordable because, after all, we want to help you PREPARE TODAY and BE SAFE TOMORROW.