• National Pet Preparedness Month

    June is National Pet Preparedness Month, We have all the tools you need to help you with your pet emergency planning.

  • PET EVAC PAK TURNS 5 – Helping to save pets one disaster at a time.

    Get to know Pet Evac Pak. It's not so much about us, as Why Pet Evac Pak.

  • National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

    National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day is observed every year on May 8th by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  It was designed to help us be more prepared to save our animals in a disaster. We have included a list of items for your pets go-bag as well as tips to help you get prepared.

  • Preparing to Evacuate with a Small Pet Business

    Making a plan for your small pet business takes time. Planning ahead can save pet's lives down the road.

  • Sheltering with Pets

    Are you prepared to evacuate with your pets? Where will you go? What can you expect when you arrive at a shelter

  • Dog Muzzle: Why you should have one in your Pet’s Emergency Kit

    Sometimes the idea of restraining your dog with a muzzle can be unsettling.  You might wonder if they can eat, drink or even breath with one on.  We often associate it with bad behavior and being used on “aggressive” dogs.

  • Time to Refresh and Rotate your Pets Emergency Go-Bag

    It’s a new year and just like changing the batteries in your smoke detector, it's time to pull out your pet’s go-bag to make sure you have everything you need and check the expiration dates.

  • Pet Emergency Preparedness – Kenn Altine Problem Solver

    What would you do if you were responsible for hundreds if not thousands of animals during a disaster?

  • Pet Emergency Pack vs Pet Travel Bag

    Do I need an Emergency Pack for my pet if I already have a travel bag?  The answer is yes!  Let’s dive into some of the differences and why you might need both.

  • Defining Pet Safety

    When we think of pet safety we typically think of veterinary visits, diet, training, exercise and a secure safe place for them to live.

  • Which container should I use for my pet’s go-bag?

    Well, it seems like a simple thing.  If I have time maybe I can throw it in a grocery bag, If, not then what, grab your pet and its food and get out or get down to the basement and wait for the event to pass?

  • PET PREPAREDNESS: Customizing Your Pets Evacuation Kit

    As I sit here writing the BLOG today, I have to wonder why most people don’t have an emergency plan.  We are just now seeing the devastation from Hurricane Ian in Florida with both people and pets being rescued and it’s now making its way up to the Carolina coast.  What are you waiting for?