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Dog Muzzle: Why you should have one in your Pet’s Emergency Kit

Muzzle, Dog Muzzle

Sometimes the idea of restraining your dog with a muzzle can be unsettling.  You might wonder if they can eat, drink or even breath with one on.  We often associate it with bad behavior and being used on “aggressive” dogs.

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Time to Refresh and Rotate your Pets Emergency Go-Bag

It’s a new year and just like changing the batteries in your smoke detector, it’s time to pull out your pet’s go-bag to make sure you have everything you need and check the expiration dates.

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Pet Emergency Pack vs Pet Travel Bag

Emergency Kit vs Travel Kit

Do I need an Emergency Pack for my pet if I already have a travel bag?  The answer is yes!  Let’s dive into some of the differences and why you might need both.

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Child with Dog

Have you ever had to evacuate? If not you might not realize the panic that can set in. Don’t let this be your excuse…  This will never happen to me or I will do it tomorrow, could be you don’t have the money right now?  Well, let’s talk about why you should make a plan and have a go-bag ready for your pets.