• Best Emergency Dog to-go Bags – Deep-Dive Comparison

    Earlier this month in our March Newsletter we compared the top 4 Dog to-go bags for emergencies.  After all the responses we received, we wanted to give this a deeper dive into the good the bad and the ugly for each of these options.

  • How to Help Pets During Disasters – In the US and Abroad.

    We know they are coming. Disasters happen and we all hope it doesn't happen to us.

  • Bugging Out with Your Bestie

    I know most of us think it will never happen to me, or I will think about it tomorrow when I have more time or money.  But let’s play the what if game:  What if an emergency happens today and you’re not able to save your pet because you weren't prepared?

  • 2021 a Year in Review

    In 2021 we sure had lots of time to spend on the internet. We can’t forget the Bernie meme wearing the mittens that went viral, including Bernie helping sell Pet Evac Pak’s on social media.

  • How the Current Supply Chain Issues Could Affect our Pets!

    What is the supply chain?  For supply chain professionals, it starts with product development and raw materials. 


    I was sitting in a shelter yesterday with my therapy dog, Marshall, visiting with evacuees from the Caldor Fire, and I thought about all the disasters the world is experiencing.

  • PET FIRE PREP: Are your pets part of your emergency plan?

    With all the fires out west this summer we thought this would be the perfect time to talk about how to make sure your pets are prepared to evacuate should there be a fire.  We were recently guest on the Dogish Podcast to discuss this very topic.

  • National Pet Preparedness Month Time to panic buy?

    This past year we have learned about panic buying. During the pandemic we thought we needed a year’s supply of toilet paper, paper towels and meat.

  • Planning for our pets during the pandemic!

    It’s scary to see how many cases of Coronavirus there have been since last March.  It’s just as scary to see how many people, family, and friends have been hospitalized or, sadly, passed away.  We all think it will never happen to us…right?

  • To Plan or Not to Plan?

    September is National Preparedness Month. A lot of people think “I’ll do it later” or “That’ll never happen to me”.

  • Pets and Stress

    When we think of emergency preparedness for our pets, we typically think about the tangible items

  • Prepare Now to be Safe Later

    It's easy to plan for peace of mind. A disaster is defined as "a sudden event, such as an accident or a natural catastrophe